Cottage Central

A brand new site for 2011. It’s been a long 2 months but the site finally launched on 2nd February 2011. Packed with some really cool features that I haven’t had a chance to implement in other sites. There is a Googlemap mash up showing the location of the cottages, forthcoming events and local attractions. What I really like about the map is a special overlay that shows the county n more detail and a special set of flags which show multiple cottages in one location at all zoom levels – never seen it anywhere else – maybe I should publicise it more?

Another great feature is the very user friendly booking system which takes the visitor seemlessly through choosing dates to booking and paying the deposit through PayPal. There’s even an option within the full featured CMS for admin to automatically notify the customer of the booking confirmation, the balance payment and a second reminder all by using an SMS API (AKA texts) – yes, pretty neat.

As you can probably tell I’m really very pleased with this site – go and take a quick peek and I think you’ll be pretty impressed. Who knows you may even use it if your thinking of booking a cottage in Central England.