Le Tube Station

Le Tube Station is probably one of the most niche websites that I have built so far. The main purpose is to sell Citreon HY Vans that have been sourced from France. If you don’t know what an HY van is don’t worry – not many people do!

However, apparently the van was (and is) a popular utility van that was prevelent throughout rural France and indeed Marc, the owner of the business, spent many years growing up on a French farm and learnt to drive one of these vans himself! This connection has now manifested itself in his ability to not only find, but converse, with French farmers to buy old vans and now sell them to the increasingly popular UK market.

The vans are being restored and re-purposed as catering vans, especially burger and fish and chip vans at festivals, shows, exhibitions etc. Take a look at the site – they are weird but quite magical.