Tilnar Art

Tilnar Art sell fair trade products sourced from Africa. All products are beautiful, handmade, unique and profoundly different to others in the market place. This site combines 4 separate websites all selling different items to slightly different markets. The owner, Tom, decided that it was time to bring the entire range together and offer his product range not only to Wholesale but retail customers also – although the majority of his sales and marketing effort are still aimed squarely at the Trade market.

The site uses the Shopify framework with heavy code customisation to incorporate a completely separate Wholesale pricing and ordering structure triggered by manual ‘upgrade’ that Tom can perform through the CMS  – something that is not offered as standard by the system.

Just in case you were wondering about the name – Tilnar stands for ‘This Is Life Not A Rehearsal‘ as Tom passionately believes you should, where possible, work in areas that you are passionate about and enjoy.