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I suppose it was only a matter of time. Ive finally taken the plunge and ported the website over to WordPress. Well, considering roughly 90% of the sites that I develop now use the WordPress platform I suppose it makes perfect sense. Notwithstanding the fact that there are a whole host of great plug-ins that will help keep the site up to date and raise it’s profile in the search engines. Plus WordPress has great support and is regularly updated, not the same can be said for the old CMS.

It also means that we can post more content than before. Yes, we used Expression Engine CMS which was great and served it’s purpose well but to be honest I was getting fed up with having to roll my sleeves up and get down and dirty with reams of code – constantly having to remind myself how to make mySQL connections or how to implement the latest version of jQuery etc. Best I leave all that stuff to the hardened programmers (yes you know who you are!).

So here we are, a nice fresh installation, 10 solid hours of graft transferring the whole portfolio, rewriting old content, matching CSS styles and fonts – yes I actually still like Museo, then there’s the testing, testing and more testing – and suddenly with the flick of an index.php file it’s goodbye old site (Seen above) and hello new.

So what else – oh yes the new site is fully responsive yeeha! Finally I can join in the responsive chit chat without having to sheepishly admit that our site, yes a website that advertises a (great) web design business, wasn’t actually that good on mobile devices! That makes be feel all warm and fuzzy.

Right than, better get on with some real work now but will be back very soon to tell you all about the new livery on the car, and the mobile site, and some new clients and…

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  1. Olimpweb says:

    I’ve done the same 2 years ago, WP is clean 🙂

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